Digital Usecase Success

Girish Kurup
1 min readMay 19

Success of digital usecase depends on the

  • Business process of customer based application are AI driven or rule based driven. Rule based application are built on known scenario of customer experience. Al based application learns from unknown scenarios and provides real time data to update the AI models that progressively improve rue customer based applications
  • For any new innovation or customer centric related business application or enhancement How much time it takes from developer code checkin to Prod deployment
  • How much time it take for the new new application or change roll out and onboarding existing or new customer base
  • How much time it takes for the Transactional Data to be transformed to Analytical Data for insights
  • How much time it takes for cloud and in on Prem Infra(IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, firewall , Data center items, firewall, DNS, AD , security , compliance etc ) to be available as foundation
  • How fast decisión making is done by stakeholders
  • How fast decision is implemented
  • How fast employees ready to change adopt data culture And adopt ML and AI at scale
  • How easy for organization to understand that digitization curve for any usecase is a progressive curve slowly evolving
  • How fast is employees are up skilled and ready to do experiments at scale.
  • How open and fast organization is for adopting outsourcing , open source
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