Data Management Automation by Cloud Providers

Girish Kurup
2 min readMay 27, 2023

# Data Catalog by Cloud Providers

Zeta bytes of data are being generated every day and managing this vast amount of information is a critical challenge faced by businesses across the globe. To address this challenge, cloud providers such as Talend, Informática , GCP, AWS, and Azure offer AI-based data catalogs to assist businesses in efficiently managing their data.

For example auto recommendation of Data Quality rules. For example auto publish of metadata as Tag to respective Data Products. Auto Tagging of meta data to respective Data Products . Auto Tags and real time meta Data like Data Quality scored helps business users and Data Scientists to discover Data in Data Catalog faster and use the Data Products with confidence . Google GCP launched a partitioning and clustering recommender ( ) that will do the work for you! The recommender analyzes all your organization’s workloads and tables and identifies potential cost optimization opportunities. And the best part is, it’s completely free!

These. AI Data Catalogs provide a comprehensive solution for automating data discovery, profiling, classification, and management. By leveraging machine learning and AI algorithms, these data catalogs enable businesses to classify, validate, and manage their data with ease.

These AI driven or self service automatwd Data Catalogs by cloud providers such as Talend, Informatica, GCP, AWS, and Azure have revolutionized data management for businesses by offering a centralized platform for data governance, ensuring secure and compliant data management practices. Moreover, AI Data Catalogs also aid in data lineage and impact analysis, making it easy for businesses to track the origin of their data as well as the impact of changes made to it over time.

Overall, the AI Data Catalogs provided by cloud providers are an essential tool for businesses to effectively manage and utilize their data resources. With the increasing amount of data being generated every day, businesses need to adopt advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to efficiently manage their data. These data catalogs not only help in managing data but also enable businesses to extract valuable insights and knowledge from large datasets, which can be used for better decision-making.

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