Cloud and AI synergy

Girish Kurup
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# Cloud and AI Synergy

The synergy between cloud computing and AI has been a crucial factor in the proliferation of AI technologies in recent years. With the unlimited storage and processing power of the cloud, AI developers have been able to create more sophisticated and complex models that can analyze larger and more varied datasets. Additionally, cloud services provide the ability for developers to share their models and collaborate on new projects, leading to rapid advancements in the field of AI. Overall, the cloud has been instrumental in the growth of AI and its integration into a variety of industries. At the same time, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been advancing rapidly, enabling efficient knowledge extraction from large volumes of data.

The convergence of these two technologies has led to the development of many emerging applications that have significant economic and societal impacts. For instance, autonomous driving, augmented reality, real-time video analytics, mobile healthcare and smart manufacturing are just some of the many domains that have benefitted from the integration of cloud and AI technologies.Cloud computing is essential for running AI applications with high computational and storage requirements. Furthermore, cloud computing has been essential in resolving problems such as resource scheduling and load balancing that have emerged due to the increasing complexity of AI models. As AI continues to develop and become increasingly integrated into various industries, the cloud will remain a crucial component for its proliferation. Another important aspect of the synergy between cloud and AI is the emergence of edge computing. Edge computing enables AI to be deployed on edge devices, providing real-time intelligence and enabling the edge-cloud network to understand its environment. The integration of AI with edge-cloud computing has opened up new possibilities for the deployment of machine learning algorithms, giving a high level of intelligence to the edge and cloud network and making it more efficient. Moreover, the integration of AI with edge-cloud computing is revolutionizing the internet of things industry. Edge computing allows for the processing of data near its source, reducing latency and enhancing security. The adoption of advanced machine learning techniques, particularly reinforcement learning and deep learning, has made it possible for computers to mimic human behaviors by exploiting tremendous computing power and large amounts of data. As a result of the integration of cloud…

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