Advanced Analytics to help cloud engineers visualize Unknown Unknowns

Cloud management tools like Apptio, Cloudhealth and Spot From different cloud management tools are truly great tools for cloud cost optimization , cloud cost management and cloud automation. Infact these tools have bridge the gap between Old school Finance managers and…

Simple Message from Water

Most of us know great work of great Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. Sir Masaru Emoto claimed that our thoughts or human words have impact on water.

Source : late Dr. Masaru Emoto, the founder and the author of world-wide best-sellers such as “Message from Water” (1999…

From FreePik

After Data Cleaning and Feature Engineering, Data set is ready for Machine Learning implementation.

Please visit my previous post on Feature Engineering before using machine learning algorithms on the dataset.

My below example can be found in Kaggle. Please find the dataset

In the post I have implemented

  • Pipeline: How…

How to differentiate Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Deep Learning is subset of Machine Learning. Both Deep Learning and Machine Learning are subset of AI.

Deep Learning : When human made systems/computers program(s) are able to make meaning full insights from Data/Data sets by themselves. No human intervention needed in…

After Exploratory data analysis, data Quality checks and addressing missing values data set train data is ready for feature engineering.

Please visit my previous post on exploratory data analysis before using feature engineering descibed in this post.

My below example can be found in Kaggle. Please find the dataset


From this post you will learn how to use following Python utilities for exploratory data analysis.

  • for missing data
  • dataset isnull().sum() for missing data
  • sns.countplot() to plot bar chart relation between 2 variables/factors
  • sns.distplot() to plot probability distribution of all the variables in the dataset
  • sns.Facetgrid() and sns.distplot() together…

How to create Voter Turnout Prediction Model


Suppose a country is going in for election.

Suppose there are N number of states in a County

Each state has last 4 to 5 years of past data on Voters ratio

Voters ratio in a state = actual number voted in state…


Often our mind is busy defining the Success . As a child , we believed scoring 100/100 is Success. As a Adult, when we started believing that having highest salary or securing highest Job position means being Successful.

One thing is clear that Success is achievement or excitement feel based…

Most of the Organizations are going through tough times of doing business, relying on Remote workforce. The new way of Remote working from home was bestowed on us by pandemic. Working from home was assumed as short term (1 month) arrangement is now become a new normal. What began like…

Is there a light end of tunnel

26 March, I peep outside the window. It’s sunny outside. I am working from home and in parallel watching the World fighting the Corona Virus Pandemic. No hustles on the road. I can hear the bird sound loud and clear. …

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